Lets start with the basics ......

How To Use SMS Marketing (Text Message Marketing) To Get Current Customers To Buy More Of Your Products And Services, and Attract New Customers!

SMS marketing is a low cost, powerful way to increase sales and brand awareness for almost any business.

You can even use text message marketing to supplement your internet marketing efforts.

To learn more about text message advertising, the basics of SMS, and to uncover simple ways to use it in your business, we will discuss further on below topics later on ...

What is Text Messaging (SMS)?

What is Multi-Tapping?

Commonly Used SMS Abbreviations.

Types of Cellular Carriers

Choosing A Service Provider.

Is it Possible to Send a Text Message to a Landline?

Text Messaging (SMS) for Small Business.

What Type of Businesses Can Use SMS Advertising?

Using SMS Software for Multiple Messages.

The Use of SMS In Different Industries.


The Future of SMS

SMS marketing is a great new tool that you can use in your marketing arsenal to increase sales, improve customer service, and get your employees to work more efficiently.

The articles above should take all the confusing techno talk out of the learning process, and get you up and running in no time.

What It Text Message Marketing Made Easy Is Not...

This information is not a technical road map that delivers for programmers. And it is not a one stop shop for all of your mobile marketing questions. But it is an excellent resource for small business owners to learn the basics of text message marketing, begin a text message marketing campaign with confidence, and know what you are talking when it comes to text messaging and a turning it into a lucrative advertising opportunity.



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